Artist Bio 

My name is Matthew Rey Treece, online I go by eceertrey. I am a 31 year old photographer, 3d render, and conceptual artist living in Boulder, Colorado. I use my own unique blend of combining different mediums and techniques, typically digitally mixing and arranging with delicate care and balance, in order to create a “mixed reality” image—one that I feel and see inside myself and my mind. In the past few years my focus has been on landscapes and the environment throughout Colorado. I studied photojournalism at University of Cincinnati where I originally gathered extensive experience with photography, creating graphics, and working in multiple digital platforms and mediums. I’ve had my artwork featured around the world in India, Paris, China, & NYC. I was an invited speaker at Boulder Startup Week 2017 for the Photography 2.0 discussion panel for my innovative landscape photography and rendering techniques, often dubbed “conceptual sculptures”.

My body of work aims to emphasize the deep beauty in forgotten and unexplored regions of our cities, our natural landscapes,  and even our thoughts and dreams.