Artist Bio 

 Eceertrey is at the forefront of experimental long exposure light painting photography, with passionate and intentional forays into visionary artwork, destroyed glitched imagery, and abstract 3d rendering. He is always on the search for new techniques and tools to incorporate into his work and doesn’t limit himself to one style or form.  His medium is electricity with the occasional dose of chemiluminescence liquids. Some of his works are presented on their own without any manipulation through the capturing of time compressed into a single image, commonly referred to as light painting photography.  Other works are his own unique blend of combining different pieces from various mediums and techniques. Digitally mixing and arranging with delicate care and balance in order to create images he feels and sees inside himself and his mind.

 The specific hardware and tools that he uses to create his work are products of our modern industrial technological revolution. He is conscious of the forged and mined elements found deep inside the earth that are needed to create his technological gems. Building upon the artistic and technical developments of past centuries, he doesn’t allow himself to be constrained by the boundaries of traditional inks, paints, and canvases. Eceertrey uses complex photography equipment and computer software such as but not limited to, Photoshop, Painter, Cinema 4D, Groboto, Lightroom, and Hex Editing software. He is continually discovering new combinations and uses for tools, that even exceed the original intention of their programmers.

 At 28, his in-depth study of photojournalism from the University of Cincinnati, has taken him and his artwork around the world. His work has been featured in juried gallery shows in Cincinnati and Boulder, and his long exposure light painting photography was recently featured at Techfest, IIT Bombay 2013 Mumbai, India – Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival as part of the LPWA International Light Painting Show. One of his experimental long exposure light painting photographs was selected as one of the 15 finalists in the Light Painting World Alliance Global 2014 Contest held in Paris France in coordination with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

 Eceertrey’s body of work aims to emphasize the deep beauty in forgotten and unexplored regions of our cities, our natural landscapes,  and even our thoughts and dreams.